What’s Included On Your Website

What’s included on your website?:

  • Web Page Limits: Project includes up to 15 pages, additional needs beyond this limit requires additional quote based on require page size, complexity, and on-page SEO requirements.
  • Basic SEO will be installed for the initial 15 pages.  We can provide a quote for additional monthly SEO Campaigns.
  • Stock Images:  If you are unable to provide your own images, a flat rate for utilizing our library of stock images will be made an option for you.
  • Quality Assurance (QA):  Promotion Champs LLC is responsible for all functional QA. The client is responsible for all content QA (adhering to brand and editorial guidelines, spelling & grammar).
  • Guarantee: We guarantee site functions and revisions for 30 days after site launch (does not include repairs for code that the user has altered beyond their capability).
  • Additional Revisions:  Once all client comments, ideas and questions are consolidated and sent to Promotion Champs LLC, a new version will be provided to the client, marking the end of one revision. The project includes up to 3 revisions for the style guide, wireframe, design comps stages. If after client sign-off of these stages, any additional revisions to these stages will incur an additional cost at an hourly rate. Up to 2 minor revisions per page are included for updating photos and page text as needed on finished pages.
    • Major Revisions – Rearranging photos and text around the page affecting the overall layout of a page or multiple pages.

Minor Revisions – Changing short text phrases, updating images (within same image dimensions so that it does not alter page layout).