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The landscape for Digital Marketing is constantly changing and can be hard to stay on top of. Take a big breath. Promotion Champs is here to take the pressure off and provide you with expert consultation, services, and training to be sure your marketing efforts are working for you, your team, and your bottom line. 

Each business is unique. Yes, there are several Digital Marketing practices that can be used across businesses, however Promotion Champs believes in fitting an initial plan around the specific business needs to jumpstart progress. This ensures we can fully understand the current status of your digital marketing as well as the team members involved. Doing so allows for a full comprehensive action plan and proposal that everyone can be a part of within your available budget. 

We offer a complimentary initial call to understand your needs and questions. Once you sign up for a call with us below we will send an email with the few easy questions. This allows us to do our homework on your current Digital Marketing to make the most out of your time during our call.  If you don’t know the answer simply enter, I don’t know. Knowing that will also help us direct our call with you. Let’s do this!

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Let’s get started. We know you are extremely busy so if you’d rather not read all the info. below feel free to schedule a call with us and we will be happy to have a no-obligation discussion of your questions and needs.

Each business is unique and at different stages of digital marketing efforts. Some businesses are at an advanced level of digital marketing with an in-house team and looking for optimization and consulting direction; while others have minimal digital marketing and need full set-ups and fully managed services. Promotion Champs can fill in the gaps and needs to generate more business and take the pressure off the team. 

During our initial call, we will be able to talk through in detail about our services and what they include as well as what services would make the most sense for your business. If interested in the next steps we are happy to provide a quote and proposal for the scope of work. 

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