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Birthday University

Birthday University has toured internationally for over 16 years and successfully trained thousands of owners, managers, supervisors, marketing/sales and party hosts in the business of remarkable and profitable birthday party programs.  There is no other program as complete and more important to the success of your family entertainment or leisure business than this.

Funstruction Results

FUNstruction Result is a consulting firm specializing in Operations and Project Management. It is owned and operated by industry experts Bernie Robinson and Alan Kumpf. It is their goal to help fill, what was observed as, a great need in the Entertainment Industry. The education and guidance that FUNstruction Results offers are invaluable to start-ups.  They are also here to provide help existing facilities reach their full potential.

Fun Advisors

Fun Advisors works with Entertainment Centers of all kinds to improve revenue. We are known as “Customer Advocates”, so we understand what motivates people to seek out Entertainment Centers.  We build you a clear plan and help implement it for better revenue results.


Many local businesses fail because of marketing tools that require too much effort, expertise, investment, and don’t convert customers. We built Hownd to effortlessly drive the sustainable foot traffic you need to grow by delivering personalized promotions to the right customers at the right time.



Embed is a worldwide supplier of point of sale and revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries. As a leader in the market, Embed delivers a well-rounded set of tools designed to manage all areas of any entertainment facility. Our focus is on enhancing site revenues through the use of cashless payment systems, value-added packages, guest membership and loyalty programs, full redemption management, access control, integrated and automated reporting to provide operators full control of their locations.



CenterEdge Software offers the best management solution for the amusement, entertainment, and FEC industries. Our integrated suite of products allow you to manage your entire entertainment business from one complete software package. We provide everything from your POS, to your group sales, and your redemption counter software.


Attractions & Technology

Funovation creates and develops innovative booster attractions that are exciting for players and highly profitable for operators. Requiring brain and brawn, our products highlight just the right amount of moxie to bring out the kid in us all.  The Laser Maze Challenge® with Beam Buster® tests players’ use of agility and speed as they star in an action-packed laser adventure.  RAID™ (Rapid Alien Invasion Defense™) requires players to complete complex puzzling tasks to prevent aliens from destroying Earth.  Funovation’s attractions require only 120- to 400-square feet, have quick throughput, and maintain a 99.45% uptime.  Visit for more information or call 303.996.0294.


The Mcgowan Companies

Built on three generations of dedication to the insurance and financial services industry, The McGowan Companies has earned its reputation by empowering our brokers with aggressive, flexible and creative products that capitalize on changes in the insurance marketplace.

Betson Enterprises

Betson Enterprises is the leading coin operated distributor of amusement and vending equipment, coin operated parts, and service in the United States. With over 80 years of experience and leadership in the coin-operated industry, we will help you make informed decisions that are best for your business. Betson offers entertainment and vending solutions for your business through our relationships with the operator community. For locations looking for a simple and profitable solution or vendors looking for equipment that fits any situation, Betson Enterprises can help you.


This is Laserforce, the world’s most sophisticated laser tag game and longest operating laser tag company. The fast action packed laser game is enhanced by the low-light living arena with special lighting effects, a swarm of interactive intelligent devices, swirling fog and a thumping soundtrack.  Laserforce is not just a game – it is an interactive experience. Players don’t just play the game; they literally become part of it. Laserforce has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying laser tag equipment since 1987 and is the most trusted name in the laser tag industry.

Art Attack

Art Attack is a leading manufacturer and provider of Attractions, Center Design, & Theming to entertainment based businesses around the globe.   Art Attack’s attractions and products can be found at over 1000 locations worldwide entertaining millions of customers every year!  Some of Art Attack’s more popular attractions include ….SHANKZ Black Light Miniature Golf, Balladium Ball Blaster Systems, Time FREAK, RUSH Laser Tag Arenas, SuperKIDS Play Systems, & AlleyTRAX Mini Bowling.  Art Attack is THE FEC EXPERTS…and the industry agrees….awarding Art Attack with multiple prestigious awards in recent years. For more information please visit us at or call us at 863.438.7469.


By Eye Click

One space. Limitless attractions. Zero room for boredom. Welcome to BEAM, an interactive virtual playground pioneered by the futurists at EyeClick.  BEAM makes active, physical play accessible to companies regardless of industry, time constraints and space limitations. We convert waiting rooms into play rooms, classrooms into playgrounds, and foyers into fun zones with just the flip of a switch.  The BEAM projection system mounts overhead and displays on open space, which means there is nothing to take, break, pick up or put away.