Website Process

Promotion Champs Website Process:

Four phases to be completed each with deliverables, review, and approvals prior to moving to next phase.  This entire process generally takes 45-60 days depending on the responsiveness of obtaining client feedback for revisions and timely approvals at each stage.

Phase 1 Discovery:

Creating a site which perfectly serves your business and customers is a process deserving of intention and careful consideration. The process begins with a kick-off meeting between our teams to talk through the history, industry considerations, services, differentiators, and goals of the company as well as the audience segments with which the site will communicate. This phase allows us to plan for the content and informational architecture of the new site. Because we use a content first method, this phase is absolutely invaluable for both the design and ultimately, the user experience. The strategy and vision discussed will serve as inspiration and direction during the design process to follow.

Phase 1 Deliverables:

  • Information Architecture (I.A.) / Site Map
  • Data collection & content assembly, audit & recommendations for client provided content
  • Questionnaire to gather info ie. contact forms needed, widgets, do you use any third party vendor links, who currently hosts your site
  • Keyword Research / Target Keywords

Phase 2 Design:

With the proper sitemap in place, Promotion Champs LLC will design dynamic layout reflecting the direction and flow of information with the initial page layout. We will create a custom style guide presenting the look and feel of the website with brand colors, typography, photographic style, content layout, calls to action, etc. Design mockups for the home page and an internal page will be created utilizing proper branding and creative techniques. After our in-house review, we shall present the designs to you. We must receive approval in the form of a signed document before moving forward with development. This document will state that we have presented the design to you, explained the functionality, and integrated all the requested elements to the site.  

Change Orders: Once a design or functionality is approved of, a change in direction (design or functionality) will cost extra from the initial investment. Charged on an hourly basis.

Phase 2 Deliverables:

  • Custom Style Guide
  • Wireframe
  • Design Mockups (Home Page & Inner Page Layouts)
  • Design Approval Form

Phase 3 Development:

Promotion Champs LLC development team will take the site design and code them into a working website. All front and back-end coding will take place to accomplish the visual and functional goals initially outlined. Promotion Champs LLC will deliver a draft website link to your team. This live link will be on a development server so your team can explore the working site while content is being added.

Phase 3 Deliverables:

  • Live link to Dev Server

Phase 4 Testing, Training & Deployment:

Our teams will dedicate a time period to test and fully explore the entire website before it goes live. Together, we will check the website for proper movement, functionality, and across multiple browsers and device sizes. During this phase, our teams will also test all website features such as contact forms, outbound links, and other functional components to fully explore the user experience. After this final review and approval, our team will deploy the site according to the determined launch plan. We shall share a folder with video tutorials on how to manage the site yourself.

Phase 4 Deliverables:

  • Completed and deployed website
  • Google Analytics installment
  • Login Credentials Form
  • WordPress staff training and videos supplied