Promotion Planning

Promotion Champs plans promotions

Are you always struggling last minute to promote and plan your next event?

Promotion Champs are experts at developing your business’s promotions and creating all the formats that you need. Utilizing consistent branding techniques, we create eye-catching creative works of art that promote your events and services on a scheduled basis. It’s a stress-free process.

A customer representative will contact you on a scheduled basis to create/update your promotions calendar. Each promotion will include title, dates, times, details, and all formats that you require.

Our designers will take the details of each of your promotions and create an overall design. Once the design is approved we will create all the requested formats.

After the designs are approved we will get all of the print formats produced. From there we collect all the formats for each promotion and send them to you in one package. It’s that easy.


3 separate promotion services

Here are three services you can take the next steps to keep your business pumping.


We know that you don’t have time to deal with printers. Imagine getting all of your monthly, quarterly, or even yearly promotions delivered directly to your door.


Find a layout that works for you. Parties, holidays, groups, and so much more. Our templates create a quick turnaround for your promotions.


Our experts create custom designs for unique projects. Whether it is a specialized brochure, a giant banner, or a TV commercial. We have you covered.